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Sophia Pathways [Online software]. (2012+). Sophia Learning, Inc., 400 1st Avenue North, Suite 525, Minneapolis, MN 55401.   Accessed Feb. 19, 2015.  Email:

Correlations: Common Core State standards; state standards, such as West Virginia

Grades: K-12


"The Sophia Pathways program is a complete solution for differentiated instruction.  In addition to the 22,000 math [video] lessons, Pathways includes learning preference profiles for each student, real-time quizzes and assessments, lessons that are aligned to the school's textbook or standards, and multiple other features to assist teachers with classroom instruction.  This program is priced at 29.95 per student" (Sophia personal communication, Sept. 30, 2011).

Math instruction is "delivered by a multitude of teaching styles" as the video library was developed by hundreds of teachers. Each video is 2-5 minutes in length.  Content addresses basic mathematics to algebra, geometry, advanced math, precalculus/trigonometry, calculus, and statistics.


ST Math [Online software]. Mind Research Institute, 111 Academy, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92617.  Accessed Aug. 8, 2017.

Correlations: Common Core State Standards

Tel: 888-751-5443

Grades: preK-8


ST Math game-based instructional software is designed to visually explain math concepts.  The ST Math™ product family consists of engaging courseware which employs the learners’ spatial temporal reasoning abilities to explain, understand, and solve multi-step math problems. The language barrier to learning math is eliminated, and the program has proven uniquely engaging and effective with students at every level of math and language proficiency.

Content is available for early learning (preK and K), K-6, middle school, homeschool, and fluency.

View ST Math -- See the Math and Grow and Play ST Math: Addition and Subtraction on YouTube.  Both are good introductions to the visual approach to teaching math.


STAR Math Enterprise [Computer software]. (1999+). Renaissance Learning, Inc., P.O. Box 8036, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495-8036. Accessed Jan. 3, 2013.

Correlations: Reports provide information on state standards, Common Core State Standards, and state performance.

Tel: 800-338-4204

Grades: 1-12

Description: Adapted from the website:

STAR Math helps teachers to determine placement levels for students and to forecast outcomes on high-stakes tests. The program assessments provide Student Growth percentiles "viewable by district, school, grade, or class. In addition to Student Growth Percentiles, the Growth Report displays other key growth indicators such as grade equivalency, percentile rank, and instructional reading level" (Intro, SGP and Growth section).

STAR Math’s computer-adaptive testing delivers helpful, time-saving data.  Assessments take about 15-20 minutes per test.  "STAR Math Enterprise testing data helps you determine mastery of math skills for each student, so you can personalize instruction and practice, schedule appropriate interventions, and forecast student performance on state tests. New tools, content, and reports provide more information with which to make your daily decisions as you plan your course of instruction" (Intro, How It Works section).

The assessments are highly rated for screening and progress monitoring by the National Center on Response to Intervention (RTI section).


Study Island [Online test prep software]. (2000+). Study Island, 3232 McKinney Avenue, Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75204. Accessed Jan. 3, 2013. Email:

Correlations: individual state standards and Common Core State Standards

Tel: Sales and support: 800-419-3191

Grades: preK-12+

Description: Study Island has been available since 2000 and is a commercial product for standardized test prep in your state for elementary and high school grade levels and exit exams or end of course exams--whatever your state requires.  The developers link their multiple choice questions to specific state standards.  The program is web-based offering diagnostics and instruction and will generate various reports to help monitor mastery.

Study Island also has a Common Core Benchmarking Program to help identify areas of student proficiency in relation to the Common Core State Standards.


SuccessMaker Math [Computer software]. (2010+). Pearson, K-12 Customer Service, P.O. Box 2500, Lebanon, IN 46052.  Accessed Dec. 30, 2016.

Correlations: NCTM and state standards, Common Core Standards

Tel: SuccessMaker Customer Service: 888-827-0772

Grades: K-8

Description: See the product brochure.

SuccessMaker Math is multimedia courseware for grades K-8 that addresses six strands: data analysis, number sense and operations, probability and discrete math; patterns, algebra, functions; geometry, and measurement.  It provides appropriate placement within the courseware after students complete an initial set of questions, then guided interactive practice, differentiated instruction based on developmental needs, and assessment.  Lessons provide feedback and additional intelligent tutorial intervention when necessary.  There is audio support.  Learners have access to online manipulatives and tools, such as a ruler, measuring tape, protractor, and a calculator.  The product features real-world contexts for problem solving.  There is a teacher management system with reports to help teachers know where students are in mastering content and to further assist with individualization.


Teaching Textbooks [online e-books]. (2006+). Teaching Textbooks Distribution, 6710 N. Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73116. Accessed May 2, 2018. Email:

Correlations: unknown

Tel: 866-867-6284 toll-free

Grades: 3-12


According to the developers (March, 2018), content is now online.  Print textbooks are replaced with e-books, but those print books can still be used with the newer version. "Using a Teaching Textbook™ is like having a friendly tutor." Texts (grades 3-7, pre-algebra, algebra 1 and 2, geometry, and precalculus) are designed to be used by independent learners and home-schooled students.

Note: The teacher ( who recommended this product stated,

I think the program makes math concepts so accessible that even students who are "below grade level" will be able to gain understanding and catch up to where they ought to be....In levels 5-7, students can input answers on the computer, and have their work automatically graded, and records kept. But the real gem of this program is that for every single problem in the program, there is a viewable solution, explaining how a problem was solved, step by step, that students can view as often as necessary. Students (or parents) can also telephone the company for advice if the student has reviewed a problem's video and still does not understand. Levels Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calc have videos. (Pre-calc videos are not available until late 2008.) The lectures are clear, the practice problems explain how to use new concepts, and make sense of calculations. The only drawback for some students is they feel the voice over of the problems goes too slowly, and it is hard to jump ahead to exactly the step of the problem you want, without viewing an entire problem. (personal communication, July 31, 2008).


Tenth Planet Math [Computer software]. (1996+). Sunburst Technology, 1550 Executive Drive, Elgin, IL 60123. Accessed Aug. 6, 2016.

Correlations: NCTM standards, state frameworks and leading math programs.  Contact Sunburst.

Tel: 800-321-7511

Notes: Tenth Planet (originally at 625 Miramontes St., Half Moon Bay, CA 94091) is now a subsidiary of Sunburst Technology Corporation, and modules designed by Tenth Planet are available from Sunburst:

Description: From the original Tenth Planet website:

This software, which is ideal for effectively integrating technology into the mathematics curriculum, includes number concepts and geometry. By integrating multimedia software with hands-on activities and Internet resources, Tenth Planet creates powerful learning experiences.

An accompanying teaching guide features illustrated instructional plans for both multimedia and hands-on activities. Included activities provide interdisciplinary connections with examples from diverse cultures, art, architecture and nature. All of the Investigations support NCTM standards, state frameworks and leading math programs. By communicating about their work in personal multimedia journals, students demonstrate their understanding of math using pictures, writing and their own recorded voices. Each Investigation includes assessment opportunities to further gauge students' learning. Examples include teacher questions, observation guidelines, reflection time, and more formal assessment activities.

This is award winning software. For example, the May/June 1997 issue of MultiMedia Schools rated Tenth Planet Explores Math with five stars, the magazine's highest rating.


TestGEAR [Online test prep software]. (2003+).  Bridges Transitions Co., #100 Corporate Pointe, Culver City, CA 90230-7612. Accessed Jan. 4, 2013. Email:

Correlations: aligned to state standards

Tel: 800-281-1168

Description: From the website:

TestGEAR uses an online environment to help students prepare for standardized tests and demonstrate adequate yearly progress.  The testGEAR for Math online test prep course offers powerful customized lessons for students, based on their strengths and weaknesses. Delivered over the Internet, this program provides learning modules that target skill-deficiencies and assigns practice tests to build student confidence with acquired skills. For teachers, TestSCOPE generates real-time, easy-to-use reports that identify student mastery of content standards.


The Geometer's Sketchpad [Computer software]. (2007+). Key Curriculum Press, 1150 65th Street, Emeryville, CA 94608.   Accessed Aug. 5, 2016.

Correlations: You can address Common Core Standards with this product.

Tel: 800-995-MATH

Grades: 3 and up

Description: From the website:

The Geometer's Sketchpad is an exploration and construction tool for Euclidean, coordinate, transformational, analytic, and fractal geometry. It is recommended for students in grades 3 and up, including college. It works well with interactive whiteboards.

Sketchpad has multimedia enhancement capabilities, including action buttons to play sounds or record sounds with a microphone. Students can draw an object with Sketchpad, then experience its aspects by dragging the object with the mouse. All geometric relationships will be preserved, allowing students to examine an entire set of similar cases in a matter of seconds, leading them by natural course to generalizations. Sketchpad encourages a process of discovery in which students first visualize and analyze a problem, then make conjectures before attempting a proof.

Also see the extensive collection of resources for Sketchpad at Key Curriculum Press.

The Geometer's Sketchpad also has a resource center for activities:

Sketchpad Explorer IconSketchpad Explorer is a free app available in iTunes for use on the iPad.  "Drag, manipulate and animate visual mathematics to develop and generalize your understanding of fundamental concepts across elementary math, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and beyond. Based on the award-winning software The Geometer’s Sketchpad®, the Sketchpad Explorer app allows you to interact with, and investigate, any document created in Sketchpad" (Description section).

NOTE:  Educators who use Geometer's Sketchpad might be interested in Gerard Venema's (2006) Exploring Advanced Euclidean Geometry with Geometer's Sketchpad.  It is a sequence of over 100 pages on various topics in geometry.

The Geometer's Sketchpad was originally available from Key Curriculum Press.  Key Curriculum is now part of McGraw-Hill Education for ordering.


Think Through Math. (2012+). [Online tutoring and supplemental curriculum].  Imagine Learning, 191 River Park Dr., Provo, UT 84604. Accessed Jan. 26, 2017.

Correlations: Common Core Math Standards

Tel: 866-377-5071

Grades: 3- 8, Algebra 1 and Geometry

Description: Adapted from the website:

Think Through Math provides differentiated math instruction.  "The program continuously collects performance data, modifies learning pathways, and provides immediate corrective feedback at every step."

"At Think Through Math, students work independently on the computer with live support only a click away. Students always have access to just-in-time support from state-certified teachers–precisely when they need it."

This service is for learners who study content in grades 3 and up through algebra 1 and geometry.  See the content addressed:  The program uses interactive multimedia to individualize instruction and live tutors when students experience difficulty.  Students learn to solve math problems with a seven-step problem solving approach.

Note: Think Through Math has received multiple awards.  It was formerly known as Apangea Learning, Inc.  In October 2016, it became part of Imagine Learning.


Time4Learning Math Learning System [Web-based]. Time4Learning, 6300 NE 1st Ave., Suite 203, Ft. Lauderdale, FL  33334.  Accessed Jan. 4, 2013. Email:

Correlations: state standards

Tel: 954-771-0914

Grades: preK-middle school and pre-algebra

Description: From the website FAQs section:

The math curriculum combines multimedia lessons, interactive activities and reinforcing worksheets to teach basic arithmetic, number sense & operations, measurement, geometry, pre-algebra and more. The math curriculum correlates to state standards.

This product has particular appeal for use by the home schooled preK-4 student.  According to President and Founder, John Edelson (personal communication, July 12, 2005), "Time4Leaning's Math Learning System provides children from preschool through fourth grade with a comprehensive learning experience. The animated multimedia lessons, interactive exercises, assessments, and printable worksheets cover a standards-based math curriculum. After the lessons, the children are given access to an Online Playground. With reports for parents and games for kids, its a complete home-based learning system."


TinkerPlots [Computer software]. (2011+). Learn Troop. Accessed Aug. 6, 2016.

Correlations: Common Core State Standards

Tel: n/a

Grades: 4-College


TinkerPlots Dynamic Data Exploration is award winning software designed to develop students' understanding of data, numbers, probability, statistics, and graphs.  Students analyze data by creating colorful visual representations that will help them make sense out of real data and recognize patterns as they unfold.  Version 2 has an upgraded Sampler Engine so that students can design and run probability simulations, then plot the results to give a visual representation of the outcomes over many samples.  The software comes with activities, tutorials, sample data, and help movies to get started.

Tinkerplots was developed with funding from the National Science Foundation and has a strong research base.

Visit Learn Troop at


VMathLive [Online software]. Voyager Sopris Learning, 17855 Dallas Parkway, Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75287. Accessed June 21, 2016.

Correlations: Common Core; supports state standards and provides high-stakes test practice

Tel: 800-547-6747 for questions

Grades: K-8

Description: From the website

"VmathLive's new learning pedagogy offers scaffolded help with problem-specific step-by-step hints and onscreen tutoring focused on visual representations of math concepts with both English and Spanish audio.  The learning path is structured so that students work sequentially through a year’s worth of math, and they are encouraged to stay on track with messaging, badges, trophies, points, and other strategies.  VmathLive's new Play component for 20 different games focus on mental math skills found in the Common Core State Standards. When used as a stand-alone supplemental program, the activities are aligned with lessons of popular core print programs, Common Core State Standards, and other state standards."


Wowzers [online game-based software] (2012+). Wowzers LLC, 1 E. Erie Street, Suite 480, Chicago, IL 60611.  Accessed Oct. 12, 2017.  Email:

Correlations: Common Core State Standards

Tel: 800-323-6702

Grades: K-8

Description: From the website:

Wowzers is based on Universal Design for Learning principles.  It includes a story-driven and game-based adaptive-learning approach to teaching core content.  Key features include assessments, data tracking, a variety of differentiated learning activities, ability to personalize learning, prescribed standards learning path based on pre-test, growth reports, blended offline learning activities, performance tasks, differentiated printable homework, pre- and post-assessments, and test prep practice for grades 3-8.  There are instructional videos and a variety of virtual tools and manipulatives.

Students experience math via interactions with their avatar.  For example, they engage in a quest where they "take their own avatar through a problem-solving adventure in a virtual world where they help characters in various careers use math concepts that were taught in the lesson."  Teachers can keep track of each student's progress, and they can control student access.


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